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David D. comments
"I had previously used other online training before taking the Bradley Enterprise/aaonlineclasses.com courses. None compare with the ease, comprehensiveness, clarity, and value of your courses."

Cathy B. comments
"I think that the online course was just wonderful.

"Obviously, anyone taking it has to weed through the information and teach themselves, but I contacted you several times with questions and they were always answered promptly. I take the insurance test on April 15th and I have all the confidence that I will pass with flying colors! I would certainly recommend taking the course online for those who cannot get away to attend a week class."

Todd F. comments
"The course is laid out in a bottom line up front format; you get everything you need quickly. I would highly recommend the course because of the materials; it is easy to understand without too much technical jargon."

Nancy L. comments
""I thought the online course was great! The course was very informative and conclusive."

Sandra S. comments
"I loved the fact that you can printout the questions (with correct answers) you missed on the online tests for study purposes!"

Tom A. comments
"Everything was great! You have made studying easy!"

Matthew E. comments
"The online course provided all the information I need to pass."

Brian F. comments
"The online course was direct and straight to the point."

Jenna H. comments
"The online course was convenient. I think you are doing a great job. I would recommend it to anyone."

Julia S. comments
"The course was comprehensive and the web was very user friendly."

Charlotte H. comments
"User friendly; great tech support! Highly recommended this online course, provided thorough information."

Mayes M. comments
"Good training, it gave the necessary information. Well outlined course. The course was well planned out. I would strongly recommend aaonline."

Jeremy F. comments
"The online course setup and related practice test were excellent."

William H. comments
AAonline's course is through and complete. I would highly recommend it."

Karol D. comments
"When I had any questions or problems on the course you guys were quick to help me. Everything was very self explanatory."

Jessica S. comments
"AAonlines course is very flexible and straight to the point! I would recommend aaonline training because it is more beneficial and realistic than other courses."

Laurel S. comments
"The manual for aaonlineclasses was very comprehensive. I think this is a wonderful way to learn the material."

Brooke W. comments
"The web based course was quick and informative. I thought the overall course was great. The manual was a valuable tool. I can not wait to take the state test! Thanks for the information."

Brian T. comments
"The online course provided the required repetition of materials to learn the subject. The online course provided all the information required to pass the state exam."

Weldon N. comments
"Redundancy is the mother of learning! The only way to improve aaonline classes is to include winning lottery tickets. I would definitely recommend aaonline courses because the system works!"

Misty B. comments
"The online course provided an excellent study guide. I would recommend aaonline classes to others because I felt the course explained the material well. Plus the course contained numerous practice tests before the online final."

Wiley P. comments
"I will always recommend your aaonline courses!"

Kenneth A. comments
"AAonlines course is easily comprehended. I would recommend it to others"

Brad J. comments
"AAonline's course was succinct and to the point. I would recommend aaonline because of the comprehensive nature of the course and the amount of varying questions that have prepared me for the state examination."

Donnell P. comments
"AAonlines training is very complete and informative."

Joe F. comments
"Your course was wonderful! I did not know very much about insurance until I signed up for your online course."

Amy D. comments
"The aaonline course is very simple and effective, I liked that I could not proceed to the next test until I passed the previous test."

Tamara B. comments
"I would highly recommend aaonline training to others because it is an easily read and understood course."

Bethany H. comments
"AAonline course points out the things you need to know that are most important; I would recommend it to anyone!"

Miranda W. comments
"AAonline training was easy to use and easy to understand. The course setup made it very informative and easy to learn. I would recommend it to others because it is well organized and effective."

Amamda Y. comments
AAonline course was very easy to understand and follow along with. I would recommend it to anyone that can not attend a class."

Hannah W. comments
What I liked the most about your courses is that your courses are more reasonably priced than your competition.... and I would definitely recommend your online training services to others!

Jeff C. comments:
"The online training was great. I would recommend your company for anyone that is looking to get in the insurance business. Thanks for your help."

Mary F. comments
"I liked that you learned and tested at your own pace, and you could stop and resume where you left off if you were distracted. Also I didn't like ( but really did in the long run that you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY had to make a 90% on every single test to advance to the next one :) )

"There are really no suggestions that I can make on improving your online training, as it was effective for me. I have taken and passed the state insurance test.

"I would recommend AA online for others if they have the self discipline to use the resources correctly (and not cheat!) , if they had issues w/ that then I would recommend your class in person."

Nicole B. comments
"AAonlines class was a great experience!"

Brad J. comments
"AAonline P&C manual was in-depth. I would recommend it to anyone with time or geographical constraints of taking an in person class."

Tracy D. comments
"With aaonline classes I had plenty of time to study in between tests. It was very informational and challenging. Your course was excellent."

Vicki S. comments
"The course from aaonline contained so much information in the manual and the practice tests were so helpful. Mr. Bradley was very helpful as well."

Kennube J. comments
"AAonline study guide is very detailed; it made the learning process very simple and easy. I enjoyed the structure of the course."

Benito S. comments
"AAonline course gave a guide that was easy to follow and was available to study away from the computer.. The course was great!... The course methodology helped me retain the information. Keep up the good work!"

Brandi M. comments
"AAonlines course gave the answers to all missed questions on the practice exams. The materials and practice tests were easy to follow, thanks for all the useful information and great testing tips."

Julie N. comments
"The questions were clear and to the point. I would recommend this course because it was easy to use."

Kristi S. comments
"This has been a great online course and I believe it has well prepared me for the state exam."

Shirley M. comments
"AAonline's course materials are clear and simple to understand and I would highly recommend it."

Sharon C. comments
"AAonlines course was very easy to understand and the materials were invaluable as far as gaining knowledge about the subject of insurance. I really do not know how you could improve it. I even received help over the phone. and on a Saturday at that!!!!!!!! This beats a classroom anytime. I was really impressed the most with the phone help and getting feedback from a real person, not a call back, recording, etc. It was worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Williams H. comments
"AAonline training is a comprehensive course with quick feedback on my questions."

Anthony K. comments
"Love it; wish every course I have taken in the past was like aaonlines.."

Lauren K. comments
"AAonlines online course was very thorough. I would definitely recommend the course because of the in-depth learning experience it provided."

David J. comments
"AAonline classes provided concise information; there is no way to improve this learning experience."

Matthew B. comments
"Very focused training experience... Very convenient, and gives you all the needed information to be successful with the state exam."

Brooke W. comments
"I did not have to be online to take aaonline course. This worked very well for me."

Deborah A. comments
"AAonline course enabled me to learn everything I needed to pass the state insurance exam. I would recommend it to others based on my success!"

Russell T. comments
"The online P&C class provided good real world examples. I would recommend aaonlineclasses to others and I will be taking your L&H online class as well."

Brittney P. comments
"Your online manual was very sufficient; I thought it was a perfect training class."

Russell K. comments
"I think you have designed the perfect course. I believe this type of training is better than the classroom because you do not have to spend time on things you already know and can focus on the things you do not know. I am glad that I took advantage of your online course!"

Ben D. comments
"With the aaonline class I was able to take the time to re-read and take and retake tests that I was having difficultly with understanding when I first read them. I liked your course very much!"

Matthew W. comments
"Quick, easy and convenient!"

Shaw M. comments
"The online course was easy to read and study. I think it was great, it was easy to access and understand. You cannot improve perfection!"

Regina B. comments
"I thought the online course was great and I have no suggestions on how you can improve it. I would recommend it to others because is covers everything you need to know. I will be signing up for your online L&H as well. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in the field of insurance."

Rebecca L. comments
"The online course was setup in a very user friendly and informative way. I could study without being on the computer."

Ryan G. comments
"Great course!....Great information!... Great learning tool!"

Mike S. comments
"The online course seems pretty flawless! Most of us are professionals and do not need anyone holding our hand through any class. I have been very impressed with your online training and will definitely recommend aaonlineclasses to others in my business."

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